Increase Efficiency with Proper Tractor Maintenance

August 8, 2023

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure your Ragnar wheeled tractor operates safely, efficiently, and reliably,especially first maintenance for new tractor. According to Jason Z, Ragnar's Service Manager, "Following factory recommended service intervals can improve fuel economy by up to 8% and extend the life of a tractor by years." By following scheduled service intervals and daily/weekly checks, you can maximize uptime and get the most work out of your Ragnar tractor:Start writing here...

Fluid Changes

  • Engine Oil & Filter: Change at 50 hours for new tractors, then 500 hours thereafter. Use SAE15W-40 or SAE10W-40 oil based on climate.
  • Transmission Fluid: Change at 800 hours or 12 months. Maintain the level between ADD and FULL lines.
  • Hydraulic Oil: Change at 200 hours for new tractors, then every 500 hours thereafter. Maintain level at mid-point of sight glass.
  • Engine Coolant: Drain, flush, and refill every 2 years. Test antifreeze protection to -34°F yearly.

Inspections & Adjustments

  • Tires: Check pressure weekly - 120-160kPa for road transportation and 118-137kPa for field operation.
  • Seat Belt, ROPS: Inspect for fraying, cuts, damage. Replace if compromised.
  • Air Filter: Inspect every 100 hours, replace annually .

Winterizing Tips

  • Install winter front to redirect engine heat and protect components from snow.
  • Treat diesel with anti-gel additives if temps drop below 0°F. Change fuel filters prior to winter.
  • Let tractor idle 15 minutes to circulate antifreeze before winter shutdown.

Ragnar wheeled tractors are designed for rugged durability, but proper care optimizes their lifespan and return on investment. Keep fluids, filters, and components in top shape and your Ragnar tractor will stay working productively season after season. Contact your local Ragnar dealer to set up a maintenance plan tailored for your machine, climate, and application. Investing a little now preserves your equipment for the long haul.

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