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Ragnar R70

Versatile. Efficient.

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Ragnar R70

Versatile. Efficient.

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The Ragnar R70 4WD wheeled tractors come with an enhanced fron​​t axle to provide high ground clearance and small turning radius, making it perfectly suitable for long time operation in paddy fields and upland fields. With the add-on Autosteering Kit, the operator can enjoy a hands-free operation through auto driving along the planned route.

Explore Features

Made for Paddy and Upland Fields

The sealed and waterproof design and high ground clearance ensures smooth paddy field 
operations and suitability in dry fields operations.

Wide Speed Range Design Transmission

The 12x12 gearbox provides three speed ranges, allowing application to different
 farming environments.

Fuel Efficient Operations

A 3-position switch controls the engine power output based on the load allowing 
lower fuel consumption.

Add-on Autosteering Kit

This add-on feature with GNSS and RTK technology allows hands-free operation with 
accuracy up to 2.5cm, saving labor costs and increasing efficiency.

Product Specifications

Type Four-cylinder Diesel Engine

Rated Speed

2300 rpm

Maximum Torque

252 Nm

Rated PTO Power

43.8 kW

Rated Net Power

51.5 kW


3.47 L

Fuel Tank Capacity

160 L

Three-point Hitch

Cat. II Rear Three-point Hitch

Hydraulic Pump Rated Output

33.8 L/min

Lift Capacity at 610 mm Behind Hitch Point


Selective Control Valves



12 x 12 Shuttle Shift

Speed Ranges

Forward: 2.38-37.14 km/h; Reverse: 2.09-32.58 km/h

Differential Lock

Differential with 4 Planetary Bevel Gears

PTO Speed

540/1000 rpm

ROPS:Cab with A/C

Tires and Weight

Front Tires

Rear Tires
*Optional 8.3-24(F)/11-32(R)
(Paddy Field Tire)

(Upland Field Tire)

(Paddy Field Tire)
Minimum Operating Mass (with ROPS)
2805 kg

Ballast, Front/Rear


Service Brake

Single Disc Mechanical Brake
Parking Brake
Single Disc Mechanical Brake

Minimum Turning Radius

4.2 m

With Cab
Length 4000 mm 4000 mm
Width 1970 mm 1970 mm
Height 2865 mm 2675 mm
Wheelbase 2046 mm 2046 mm
Ground Clearance 415 mm 415 mm


Ragnar R70


Ragnar R70


Ragnar R70


Ragnar R70


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