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Ragnar R160

Long-lasting. High-capacity. Comfortable.

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Ragnar R160

Long-lasting. High-capacity. Comfortable.

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The Ragnar R160 4WD wheeled tractors come with an electronically controlled BOSCH high pressure common rail fuel system and a 3-position switch, which controls the engine power output based on the load, to improve fuel efficiency. The enhanced chassis increases the empty weight, making the tractor more suitable for various heavy load operations such as deep ploughing and harrowing.

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Be Strong in the Field

Be Strong in the Field

The WEICHAI engine packs a 30% torque reserve to conquer tough tasks with brute force. Its BOSCH injection and rigorous TIER-3 emission compliance ensure this power performs efficiently. Dominating torque meets demanding jobs under harsh conditions while maintaining quiet, composed operation. 

Seamless Shifting

Seamless Shifting

Ragnar R160's enhanced 16F+8R gearbox enables smooth synchronized shifting for precision speed control. An optional 24F+8R configuration expands the capability range - from a creeping 5m/min to a brisk 38km/h. Whether finessing fields or cruising roads, the tractor tackles variable conditions through an abundance of gears and seamless, snag-free shifts. 

Built Tough for Heavy Loads

Built Tough for Heavy Loads

The Category III three-point hitch delivers integrated strength for heavy implements. Its one-piece top link design adheres to international standards while providing robust protection. An optional quick hitch enables easy attachments for efficient tasks. Whether lifting, loading, or leveraging implements, this hitch optimizes utility muscle. 

Cab for Comfort

The six-post cab of Ragnar tractor offers panoramic visibility paired with premium amenities. Dual-purpose A/C, sunroof ventilation, adjustable suspension seat and steering deliver luxurious all-day comfort. 

Heavy-Duty Drivetrain

Heavy-Duty Drivetrain

The A20 reinforced front axle handles heavy loads with aplomb. This robust drivetrain withstands the stress of plowing, subsoiling, and other demanding tasks. Its enhanced strength supports up to 210 horsepower for complex jobs. No workload exceeds the limits of this tractor's industrial-grade front end. 

Hydraulic Heroics

Hydraulic Heroics

Ragnar R160 tractor tames demanding implements with hydraulic gusto. Its high-flow 79.2L/min gear pump can power a range of tools via 3 SCVs. For the utmost control, the optional EHR enables smooth electric hydraulic hitch actuation at your fingertips. Manage mowers, balers, sprayers and more with the command and convenience built into this system. 

Enduring Endurance

Enduring Endurance

With a 480L auxiliary tank, it carries enough for the longest shifts. Sparse stops for refueling means more hours plowing, planting, and producing each day. Whether tilling at sunrise or harvesting into dusk, count on formidable endurance.

Nighttime Naviagator

Nighttime Navigator

Ragnar R160 excels at after-dark operation thanks to an ingenious lighting system. Compact spotlights concentrate beams into parallel channels. Convex lenses then disperse the light in wide fan patterns. Following optical principles, the design produces a brightly illuminated field of vision for precision nighttime tasks. 

Pre-installed Auto-steering System

Ragnar R160 tractor arrives ready to hit your fields with zero fuss. Our expert technicians meticulously install and debug every part of the pre-installed auto-steering system, sparing dealers and users the hassle. Experience automated control with zero headaches from day one. 

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Pre-installed Auto-steering System

Product Specifications

Type Six-cylinder Diesel Engine

Rated Speed

2200 rpm

Maximum Torque

665 N·m

Rated PTO Power

100 kW

Rated Net Power

118 kW


6.75 L

Fuel Tank Capacity

530 L

Three-point Hitch

Cat. III Rear Three-point Hitch

Hydraulic Pump Rated Output

79.2 L/min

Lift Capacity at 610 mm Behind Hitch Point

≥35.28 KN

Selective Control Valves

3 ( *Optional: 4 )


With synchronizer,mechanical step type, 16F+8R (*Optional: 24F + 8R)

Speed Ranges

Forward: 1.7-36.39 km/h (*Optional: 0.3-33.1km/h(24+8)) ; Reverse: 2.52-23.28 km/h (*Optional: 0.7-11.3km/h(24+8))

Differential Lock

Enclosed Differential with 4 Planetary Bevel Gears

PTO Speed

540/1000 rpm (*Optional: 760/850, 760/1000 rpm)

Heat and Air Conditioning

Tires and Weight

Front Tires

Rear Tires
*Optional 16.9-28(F)/20.8-38 (R)
(upland field tire)

(radial tire)
Minimum Operating Mass (with cab)
5780 kg

Ballast, Front/Rear

592/480 kg ( *Optional: 1184/480 kg )

Service Brake

Single Disc Hydraulic Brake
Parking Brake
Single Disc Mechanical Brake

Minimum Turning Radius

5.7 m

With Cab

Length 5275 mm 5360(24+8)
Width 2404 mm
Height 3143 mm
Wheelbase 2715 mm 2800(24+8)
Ground Clearance 490 mm


Ragnar R160


Ragnar R160


Ragnar R160


Ragnar R160


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